Salada de Quinoa e Manga Equal Food

Quinoa and Mango Salad

No idea what to do with the Mangos from your Equal Food box? Today we have a super easy recipe for you that is also very healthy and tasty! This salad is ideal for your meal prep for the week, so you can keep a healthy diet without worrying about it. If you don’t love Mango, no worries, you can use other fruit of your choice like apples, pears or even pomegranate.

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Cheesecake Vegan de Framboesas Equal Food

Vegan raspberry cheesecake

If you are a raspberry lover, then you won't want to miss this amazing recipe, that is vegan, healthy, without sugar, where you can use this delicious fruit from you Equal Food box! This guilt free dessert will impress everyone that's for sure! 😍

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Salada de grão de bico com pesto de Coentros Equal Food Cabaz frutas e legumes

Chickpea Salad, with Roasted Potatoes and Cilantro Pesto!

This is the perfect summer salad to use your potatoes and cucumbers from your Equal Food box, in hot days! A mix of chickpeas with roasted potatoes, cilantro pesto and we also added some nectarines for a fresh fruit taste. Bring it for the beach or for a picnic to enjoy with friends!

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Noodles com cogumelos shiitake Equal Food cabaz de frutas e legumes

Noodles with Shiitake Mushrooms

A good suggestion for a warming dish on those cold winter lazy days. Use our zero waste broth for the perfect flavour! Add the shiitake mushrooms and veggies from our Equal Food box, and turn this dish into something super delicious!

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