Meet our superstars

Farmers carry most of the work that brings food to our plates on their shoulders. Unfortunately, they also carry the burden of food losses and food waste that come imposed from beauty standards and market practices. We work directly with them to find a new market for the produce that would usually go to waste. Imperfect produce from their farms straight to your doorstep.

Maria José

Maria José has spent the last 15 years producing red fruits like raspberries and strawberries in Alentejo, where she is based with her husband and two daughters. She runs a 10 hectare farm where she employs 15 people and produces 90 tons of raspberries and strawberries throughout the year. She uses a model of rotation to ensure that different parts of her land are productive across several months and by doing so, her harvest lasts from March until November. Before becoming a farmer, Maria José graduated with a Business degree from University of Coimbra and held different jobs in Lisbon.


Meet the Queen of Carrots: Felismina Maria Rodrigues Espada! Thanks to her, every week you get that much needed dose of Vitamin A & C. Hard-working and motivated, in 1990 she founded the Sociedade Agrícola dás Medrosas Lda. Every week, Felismina and her husband plant and maintain nearly 30 hectares of land to offer you the best vegetables possible: carrots, onions, corn and potatoes! Only one hour away from your kitchen, her farm is located in a little town called Pegões. This way you can enjoy delicious, local and fresh vegetables delivered directly to your doorstep by the Equal Food team!



Ever wondered where your delicious tomatoes, zucchinis and bell peppers come from? Let us introduce Ricardo Filipe Rodrigues Carreira from Torres Vedras. On his 25 hectare farm in Cabeça Gorda he also grows beans, cucumbers and different types of (sweet) potatoes. Along with his brother, Ricardo manages the farm and is always up for a a joke when we meet up with him. Over the course of the next two years, he is planning to increase the parts of his land that do not yet produce any yield. With that he hopes to be able to offer produce during more months of the year. In the meanwhile, he visibly enjoys working with Equal Food and has found a great partner to sell his second category produce.


Craving something sweet? Well, Cristina is your gal! Alongside her husband, João Carlos, in 1993 they founded Moranguito Empresa Agricola Lda. Nowadays, their children João Levi and Sofia Lúcia are also part of the company and help out on the farm! A family of many wonders, they don’t just produce these mouth-watering strawberries, but also raspberries and persimmon; with an annual production of 350 tons! Their objective over the next 2 years is to enhance the value of biological resources in production. Is this winter having a toll on your immune system? Then, stick to your dose of strawberries...apart from their delicious taste, they offer an abundance of health and wellness benefits. As a great source of fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidants! The Equal Food Co. helps them with those strawberries that do not look great but have an excellent taste and nutritional properties.



Meet Daniela Policarpo. She has been behind your sweet potatoes that have been part of almost every single box since we have started. She started her farm business back in 2002. In A dos Cunhados, close to Torres Vedras, she grows the cute sweet potatoes you already know, along with pumpkins and the famous spinach we always ask her for.


In his late 50s, Jorge decided to embark on this journey to harvest blueberries. He had his first year of production in 2020, with an output of ca. 220 tonnes – the max output ever experienced on his farm – . Challenges were numerous in his very first year and The Equal Food Co. helped him sell the amounts that he could not place with his clients. Despite our help, on his first harvest several tonnes of produce remained on the plants as the regular buyers did not consider these to be good fit for their markets due to size and shape. We will be helping Jorge to overcome all these difficulties in the future.


António has been growing cherries for several years in Fundão, Portugal. Fundão is known as the cherry capital because all the cherries that grow in the area, but also because of the events that happen revolving around cherries, such as " Festa da Cereja". The season begins in April and lasts until mid summer. Antonio is unable to sell a significant part of his harvests due to visual imperfections. Those result from rainy days that are followed by a lot of sunshine, causing the cherry to burst and leave a little scar on the outside.